Tchewsky & Wood

Tchewsky & Wood’s music is pure rhythm that transforms into rock, electronic, techno... The sounds you find today in deep trance. A voice that transcends age, with roots in pure Russian gypsy tradition to shades of angry post punk music. Music that lets you cross linguistic borders with its Russian, English and Romany lyrics.

Origins / Members of the band
Tchewsky & Wood was born from the meeting between two musicians Gaël Desbois and Tchewsky (Marina Keltchewsky), they met working on a drama on stage. They were later joined by Maxime Poubanne, guitarist in 2017.
Gaël Desbois (composer, drums) He was the drummer of Miossec, Dominic Sonic’s, Laetitia Shérif’s and Santa Cruz’s.
After that Gaël Desbois started his own work with computer and drums and then brought his compositions to Tchewsky. He was the founder of the band
Del Cielo as well as Mobiil along with the guitarist Olivier Mellano.
Since 2015 he created and composed for the Volgograd band (with Christophe Piret and Christophe Hocké). and since 2005, he has worked as a music composer in numerous dramas in theatre : (Hervé Koubi, Nadia Xerri-L, Christophe Piret, Sandrine Roche, Arnaud Stéphan...)

Tchewsky (lyrics, singer, drums) Combining languages fro the countries where she lived (Yugoslavia, Russia, Morocco, France, Argentina),Tchewsky first sang Russian gypsy and Balkan repertoire inherited from her family
. No doubt her roots can be clearly heard in her voice. She was first initiated by Gaël Desbois on drums allowing her to play while
singing. She is also an actress, trained in the Théâtre National de Bretagne under the ruling of Stanislas Nordey.

Maxime Poubanne (guitar) He first proved himself in rock groups such as
Around Us, Standby and Airfield Maxime Poubanne is the cofounder of
We are Van Peebles since 2010 . Meanwhile he worked as a sound creator for drama (Groupe Vertigo...) as well as a sound engineer in studio (
Borrowed Nostalgia, We are Van Peebles, The Beat Seeds) and in concert live.