Mistress Bomb H

Hardcore, noise, electronic music : Hélène Le Corre explores the possibilities of transforming the sound with a taste for noise and melodies.
She released her first solo CD-concept in 2005, Les sept fenêtres de Mistress Bomb H wich combined sound collecting, guitar, bass, synthesizers, detuned piano, frequencies and vocals. The layout was a comic strip realised ilinocutting printing. She shared splits EPs with french musicians including Altar K or Jessica 93.
She regularly collaborates with Jean Ferraille, a hardcore techno musician formerly known as Aphasia.
She is guitarist of the french postpunk band Ex Fulgur and creates the noise and electronic parts within the
DPU, a pop and nu-jazz band gathered around the saxophonist Daniel Pabœuf.
Mistress Bomb H is a global project : a musical and a plastic signature through engraving and screen
printing, but also an avatar incarnated during the gigs.
Her latest album, Say it loud, I’m girl and I’m proud was released in December 2018 on the record labels
Bruits de Fond and Kerviniou Recordz.
She works on her new project, Black Hood since the end of 2019. It will include a tour during winter and
spring 2020, before the recording of a new album.