Michel Cloup duo

Hyperactive singer/guitarist/machine operator in many projects since the 90s, notably Diabologum, Experience, and more recently the Franco-American band Binary Audio Misfits, a wide variety of albums, EPs, many appearances and most of all, an overflowing tour road book, full of dates in Europe and the USA.
What defines him? A very particular way of using his voice, a sort of melodic spoken word, somewhere between song, slam and white hop hip. His lyrics (in French) have also been widely written about, lyrics that take a tense look at the way individuals have trouble finding their place, lost in a pessimistic world in which ideals have left the drifting raft. His guitar has shaken the walls of thousands of clubs and festivals, clearly on Sonic Youth’s and Neil Young’s side, a modern and hybrid sort of rock music, where machines also have a vital role.

Cette colère (extract from the album Notre Silence)

French press book