Les Mondes Futurs

NeirdA & Z3ro feat. Stephen Besse

THINGS TO COME is, at first, a novel written by H.G. Wells, great british author and pioneer of the Science-Fiction (The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, The Invisible Man...). Must-see rare Masterpiece, THINGS TO COME is also an anticipation movie of a troubling relevance, a prophetic vision of our time and of our relation to the technological progress, and an anti-war pamphlet.

NEIRDA & Z3RO french duet (Movie-concert THE PRISONNER, Live-Cinema DÉJÀ-VU), featuring on keyboards, STEPHEN BESSE (FUNKTRAUMA, official re-mixer of THE HERBALISER), explores new psychedelic, electronic and cinematic climaxes, with a retro-futurist vision.

THINGS TO COME is a 2015 creation produced by LA STATION SERVICE (Rennes), FESTIVAL PREMIERS PLANS (Angers), FESTIVAL TRAVELLING (Rennes), L’ANTIPODE MJC (Rennes), La NEF (Angoulême) and La Tangente - MJC PICAUD (Cannes)

# we propose workshops : movie-concert initiation, Shows for schools (college and high-schools)...

# A movie by William Cameron Menzies & HG Wells (Great Britain, B&W, 1936, 90 mn). Numerical Projection or DVD {}