Dark Star

A film-concert by Ropoporose

Darkstar summary and history : First film of John Carpenter released in 1974, Dark Star is a true curiosity SF, vintage vehicle of all the film coming from the director. Long gone unnoticed, the film has since come out in cinemas, notably on the occasion of the festival Traveling in 1999 and the Cannes Film Festival in 2000. Filled with a parodic psychedelism assumed, Dark Star derides with homage to great works of the kind (2001: The Space Odyssey) while announcing future successes (Star Wars, Alien). This eight closed from elsewhere, hovering several million light years from us, is to be discovered on a new air during Traveling with this creation ciné-concert crazy! An adventure pushed into the confines of its possibilities thanks to the musical reworking of its soundtrack by the unmistakable pop-noise-diy family duo of Vendôme: Ropoporose. [Co-production: Clair Obscur / Traveling Festival, Le Jardin Moderne, ...]

Ropoporose biography : Formed in 2012, Ropoporose is a musical duo composed of Pauline and Romain, brother and sister in life and on stage, from Vendôme. The group released two albums, "Elephant Love" in 2015 and "Kernel, Foreign Moons" in 2017, both acclaimed by the critics, as well as several Eps. These outings were accompanied by more than 200 concerts in France, as well as in Italy, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland or Canada. The duo is also found in other formations: Braziliers, trio having released his first album in 2018, as well as Namdose, project formed in association with the Brussels group BRNS, whose first album was released in 2019.

In co-booking with Jerkov.



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Dark Star par Ropoporose

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Dark Star par Ropoporose

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Dark Star par Ropoporose

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