Arlix + Teyssot-Gay + Vialard


Hypogé is the name of the trio composed by Éric Arlix (writer), Serge Teyssot-Gay (guitarist), Christian Vialard (electronic musician). Hypogé is a modular and original stage form for each concert composed around texts (recent and future) by Eric Arlix. Hypogé is a new project for each performance (staging, choice of texts, music). Hypogé is a scenic, audio, literary project. Hypogé extends and extends the concert-reading "Golden Hello the meeting" created in 2017, the three artists having realized that they could not be at the service of a single text, or a single form.

Éric Arlix, initiator of the project, is a writer, editor and researcher of forms whose books and heterogeneous production (concerts, readings, videos, editions, pedagogy) draw threads between the improbable reality and the chaotic future.

Christian Vialard is a painter and musician, he is an attentive observer of the social and cultural fabric of the middle classes and he is particularly interested in the movements of redefining the borders between art and non art, high and low culture and movements of moral and aesthetic liberation of the XXth century.

Serge Teyssot-Gay is a guitarist and composer. At the same time and from Noir Désir, he explores other music and artistic universes, collaborates with authors, painters, dancers and filmmakers. In all of his projects, he passionately cultivates independence, and in this sense creates the Intervalle Triton label